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Plant love, Grow peace
Hey, strangers ! Here is a little about myself , I play sports all year long! i party a lot JK sometimes , i love music and listening to Lana Del Ray and Ariana Grande ! Beyonce is my queen. I'm a very nice, supportive and understanding person. People think I'm sassy , but just being honest ! I not really mean cause i don't like hurting people .Inbox me anytime I'm living on this site so ill probably answer you as soon as possible!
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•Depression/Advice Blog•
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If you’re a teen you must follow this blog.


i know what you’re thinking haha who did i have to kill to get this url



I wish I wasn’t white so my opinion would be valid on this site

i wish i wasn’t black so my life would be worth something in this country


I need new sunglasses so that I can look cooler than I actually am. 

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